Linco Technology Co., Ltd.



  • Congratulations! In Commonwealth Magazine's Manufacturing Survey -the Top 2000: 2021, LINCOTEC was ranked 12th among the 50 fastest-growing manufacturing businesses.

  LINCOTEC, which was founded in 1999, has professional technical teams from a variety of fields, including semiconductor equipment, IC packaging, and optoelectronic technology, with a focus on core technologies (thin film process, plasma technology, AI, automation), process equipment, and heat dissipation modules development. Advanced semiconductor packing, advanced semiconductor carrier materials, next-generation displays, advanced heat dissipation substrates, green energy technology applications, and compound semiconductors are all included in the market layout.

  In 2010, LINCOTEC pioneered conformal shielding sputtering equipment for the key process of SiP system packaging, which is used in B5G smartphones, wearable devices (Watch, TWS headset, AR/VR wearable devices), Internet of Things (IoT), and Internet of Vehicles (V2X), among other industries.

  LINCOTEC has established itself as the world's largest market share and world-class benchmark for semiconductor system-in-package (SiP) sputtering equipment. Thin-film process total solutions with high-quality and reliable process equipment and technical support services are provided by this company.