Linco Technology Co., Ltd.



  • 2021 SEMI Semiconductor Exhibition Expert Lecture: Ken-ping, Hong, General Manager of LINCOTEC: "Sputtering and Plasma Etching - Solutions for SiP and Advanced Materials"

  At the 2021 SEMI Semiconductor Exhibition, Keng-ping, Hong, general manager of LINCOTEC, was invited to give a lecture on "Sputtering and Plasma Etching - Solutions for SiP and Advanced Materials." The major topics of the speech include EMI shielding coating on system-level (SiP) chip packages, RDL sputtering on FOPLP/high-end substrate, and advanced material plasma dry etching.

  LINCOTEC has been in business for over 20 years and has state-of-the-art sputtering and plasma processing technology for semiconductor and non-semiconductor applications. The semiconductor application solutions include EMI shielding coating, backside metallization (BSM), fan-out package sputtering, substrate coating, and plasma cleaning and etching. Non-semiconductor applications include panel/ITO smart glass coatings, flexible substrate/solar cell coatings, optical and aesthetic coatings, and energy efficient glass coatings.

  LINCOTEC is a critical strategic partner and excellent supplier to the local semiconductor and packaging industries, and Commonwealth Magazine has ranked LINCOTEC as the manufacturing industry's 12th fastest expanding firm.